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Max Santillana Senior editor

ArcSoft MediaImpression is a program which enables user to design, share and organize projects about pictures, music, and video files. It has numerous tools used to organize, present, edit, share, protect and backup; supporting the process of a project.

Some of the tools the program includes are: auto face and scene tagging, auto quality rater, media search, media library, quick photo viewer, photo editor and enhancer, media player, digital photo book, digital photo frame, dvd project creation.

The new features include: Auto face tagging where the program automatically finds all faces in photos, groups them, and then tags them.
Auto scene tagging which analyzes the content of photos then tags them with different scenes. Quality rating automatically detects and rates poor-quality and high-quality photos.

MediaImpression now supports AVCHD playback/edit/output, supports new raw files .srf/.rw2. Furthermore, Media Player, Photo Viewer are now integrated with editing and enhancing tools (like face beautify found in Photostudio) and a web video uploader.


  • Multimedia creation.
  • Video editing.
  • Enhances images.
  • Edits Full HD.
  • Hardware acceleration.


  • Not intuitive. Too slow file rendering. No sound editor.

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    Guest 4 years ago

    I was on this site last night, downloaded about 800 plus songs and now I am unable to even log on, have no more computer space, can't get into add and remove programs to create space and most of all I more discouraged because it seems that I've lost all my music as well.


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